Welcome to the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
(London Canada Branch)

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What is Scottish Country Dancing?

Scottish Country Dance is a social form of dancing with roots going back centuries. Typically dancers are in a “set” of six or eight people, and you would dance with many different partners in the course of the evening. We dance lively reels and jigs and elegant strathspeys, to the music of mainly accordion and fiddle. The steps and formations are easy to learn (thanks to our talented teachers), and from your very first day you will be able to join in the dance. Before long you'll find yourself hooked on Scottish dancing like thousands of others all around the world. You will discover the benefits of physical fitness and a group of sociable friends. You can be of any age from nine to ninety, and you don't need to bring along a partner.

Why should I want to do this?

Like most types of dancing, Scottish Country Dancing is an excellent, helathy exercise.  Dancing is good for your heart and lungs and will also improve your balance and bone density.  Just as importantly dancing promotes social interaction and improves quality of life, body image, and mood.  An it can be enjoyed by anyone of any age from 9 to 90+!  Most of all, it's FUN!!