Dance Shoes & Clothing

Dance Shoes and Clothing




Although any soft-soled shoe is recommended for beginners, you may want to consider purchasing a good pair of ghillies (often called highland dance shoes) or ballet slippers.  Some people also wear various types of jazz shoes if more support is needed.


You can talk to any of the teachers about shoes before you make a purchase.  You can also speak to Janet Schreiber who has some donated used shoes available.


Local Resources

·      McCulloch’s –, 1140 Dundas St, 519-659-3787, – carry ghillies

·      Dancewear Plus –, 525 Wharncliffe Rd. S., 519-657-0060,

·      The London Dance Shoppe –, 142 Wortley Rd – Upper, 519-659-1265 – check for hours

·      DX Dance Boutique –, 725 Notre Dame Dr, 519-281-3262

Out of Town

·      Edee’s Place –, 1180 Wallace Ave N, Listowel, 519-291-5164,



  If you are interested in kilts, ladies kilted skirts or sashes for more formal wear for dances and balls……..

·      Scott’s Highland Services –, 143 Stronach Cres, 519-453-0892

·      Burnett’s and Struth Scottish Regalia –, 570 Bryne Dr., Barrie, 705-728-3232, – they have a highly skilled kiltmaker on site and a variety of tartans and accessories

·      MacLeods Scottish Shop –, 80 Ontario Street, Stratford, 1-888-771-0302,